Pixels Camp ‘19

Warpdev & Cisco DevNet participation on Pixels Camp Hackathon.

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Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) is a smart Wi-Fi solution that uses the Cisco wireless infrastructure to detect and locate consumers’ mobile devices. With it, your organization can directly deliver content to smartphones and tablets that’s personalized to your visitors’ preferences and pertinent to their real-time indoor locations.

source: developer.cisco.com

Fast Track

Run in Postman

  • Go to (Cisco DevNet Learning Labs on CMX)](https://learninglabs.cisco.com/modules/dna-cmx-mse) and pick one (or two);

  • Looking for more info? Check our docs: docs.warpdev.io/cisco/networking;

Pixels CMX API

Run in Postman

  • credentials:

    • username: Pixels
    • password: PixelsCamp
    • url: (only works in https!)
    • API Docs, with live testing!

The credentials above are read only, obviously. To create a notification subscription stop by our booth and will set it up for you.


  • For some reason the /api/location/v3/clients endpoints are not working. use the /api/location/v2/clients endpoints instead. (btw, the Postman collection provided above is already with v2)
  • The environment is configured for location. The APIs for presence won’t work.

Pixels CMX